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How long can I store and use your feed?

For optimal freshness, our recommendation is 3-4 months from the time of purchase, for optimal freshness.

Why won't my chickens eat the pellets?

Think about it like this; pellets are like the broccoli of a meal, and the botanicals, seeds, etc. are the desert. The hens might want the latter more but need to eat the former, as it contains all of the healthy ingredients. They will eat it...just

Niacin percentage in the Chicken Layer Feed?

Is there is enough niacin for ducks?. The answer to that is, yes, absolutely.  Ducks need a lot, some kinds of other poultry need less, but the levels we use are safe for them all. So, yes!  Plenty of niacin, not too much.  There’s about 120 mg per p

Can you sprout or ferment our feed?

That’s a question we are often asked. The short answer is yes, you can. However, before making any changes to your flock's diet, we recommend you contact your exotic vet first. Your vet knows your animals better than anyone.  Fermenting takes 3-4 d

Are there any pro and prebiotics in the starter feed?

Oh yes, absolutely.  There are prebiotics, probiotics, natural enzymes to get their digestive systems going right, and even beneficial bacteria.  Another nice addition is yucca root, which absorbs ammonia from their poop to keep their respiratory sys

Chic starter size?

do you need to make it into a mash?

Fish meal, is it a controversial ingredient?

It is controversial if:. and that there is a bad additive to the meal if it is not organic

Is the wheat you use in the Layer Feed free of glyphosate (Roundup®)?

Absolutely no glyphosate!. This is actually not even feed grade wheat, which usually has some damage.  It is wheat bought from a Pacific Northwest farmer that raises it for human food.  We buy it right from his farm. That’s one reason our feed is so

How often do chickens lay eggs?

Depends on the breed and age. Some chickens lay an egg almost every day, others every 1 1/2 to 2 days. If the chicken is broody or going through a molt, they may not lay for several days to weeks. Everyone needs a break sometimes.

How long will farm-fresh eggs keep in the refrigerator?

For real, and we'll pinky promise on this one. Backyard chicken eggs stay fresh in the fridge MUCH longer than eggs that are store bought. While we recommend storing eggs in the refrigerator immediately. Freshly laid eggs can actually be left out at

How long do chickens live?

In a safe home with a healthy diet? Life spans are 6-8 years. Totally not unreasonable.

Should I provide fresh vegetables to my chickens?

High-quality pellets should be, no doubt, the basis of any chicken's diet. But, any chicken likes a little diversity, and they're gonna really appreciate some fresh veggies (greens, tomatoes, eggplant, squash, melons... almost all fruits (except citr

What’s the difference between feed and scratch, and why do I need both?

Feed is the majority of a chicken’s diet, the staple. When you think of scratch, think yum… think treat… think “oh get in my belly.” It’s generally made up of cracked corn and other types of grains.   Scratch is tasty, but not really healthy (potato

How do I find out if chickens are legal in my area?

Check your local ordinances. Also, if there’s a homeowner’s association for your neighborhood, contact them before you take the plunge. It would be fun for no one if you got your beautiful babies and then had to give them back. That’s a month of tear

When do I switch feeds from starter to grower and grower to layer?

STARTER: Chicks (1-8 weeks) need starter feed, which contains about 20% protein, and because they’re growing at lightning speed, they need it. Boom.    GROWER: Because their growth rate has slowed dramatically, adolescents (8-18ish weeks) need growe

Why do my chickens need oyster shell if there is calcium in the feed?

If your hens are layers, they’re gonna need a boost of calcium. Most hens will start to lay when they’re 20-21 weeks and oyster shell should be given around 18 weeks, to prepare them for the egg-laying journey. Oyster shell helps make egg shells har

How much grit and oyster shell should chickens have?

Both should always be available; they’re not the same. (Obviously… they don’t have the same name.) Grit can’t be dissolved; it stays in the gizzard and it’s used to grind food because chickens don’t have teeth. (Sorry, guys). Oyster shell actually di

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