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Weather affecting your delivery time?

You can check for any UPS service-related delivery delays by entering your zip code here. USPS service interruptions can be checked here.

Why does my tracking information say "label created"?

UPS and USPS will provide notification by e-mail indicating that a tracking number has been assigned to your order and a package label has been created by us, the shipper. The notification email is sent once the warehouse has printed your order for f

Order Confirmation and Tracking Notifications

At the moment your order is processed you will receive an email purchase confirmation. Once your order has been readied for shipping, you will receive another email with your order delivery and tracking information.

Why does UPS or USPS show my tracking number as "not found?"

Until your package has been picked up and scanned by the carrier, you're not going to see any movement associated with your tracking number. After movement happens, you'll be able to log onto or and track your package. Some cool FYIs

How do I track my order?

You have 2 options:

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