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Auto-Ship & Save FAQsUpdated 3 months ago

What is Auto-Ship & Save?

Auto-Ship & Save lets you set up recurring deliveries of your favorite pet supplies. You’ll never have to worry about running out of “must-haves.” We’ll automatically send and charge your account for new shipments on a regularly scheduled basis, or one you customize to fit your needs. Stress-free delivery. We don't think it gets any better than that.

Read more about our Auto-Ship & Save program here.

How does Auto-Ship & Save work? 

Choose your favorite product and select the Auto-Ship & Save option in blue. 

Select your preferred delivery schedule using the drop-down box and click “Add to Cart.” 

Add as many products as you’d like and continue through checkout as normal. 

Read more about our Auto-Ship & Save program here.

How do I update my expired credit card in Auto-Ship & Save? 

You can update your credit card information using our "Manage your Auto-Ship" feature on your account page. Once your credit card has been updated, any pending previously declined Auto-Ship & Save orders will automatically process.

What if I forget my credit card is about to expire?

Upcoming expiration notification emails are automatically sent 30 days, 15 days, and 3 days prior to the saved credit card expiration date.

Is there a limit to the number of Auto-Ship & Save orders per customer?

No, there are no restrictions. Go wild!

Is Auto-Ship & Save available on all products?

Auto-Ship & Save is available for most products. Only hay, bedding, and food pellet products are discounted. Availability is noted in the product description.

How will I be billed with Auto-Ship & Save?

Auto-Ship & Save orders will be billed automatically to the credit card on file at the time your original order was placed.

How can I customize or cancel my Auto-Ship & Save?

Using our "Manage your Auto-Ship" feature on your account page, you can:

  • Customize your delivery schedule
  • Cancel your order
  • Change your shipping address
  • Update your credit card billing information
  • Skip the interval

Opting into the Auto-Ship & Save SMS text notifications will also provide you with the same features and is much more convenient.

Problems processing your Auto-Ship & Save order?

If a problem should occur when processing your Auto-Ship & Save, we will notify you via email so that we can get your order out to you as quickly as possible.

How do I know when my next Auto-Ship & Save delivery is scheduled?

Five days prior to every scheduled Auto-Ship & Save order, you will receive an upcoming notification email including product details, shipping, and billing information. 

If you opted into SMS text messaging, you will receive notification via text. You have until midnight EST the day before your order is processed to make any changes. If it all looks good and no changes are needed, no action needs to be taken; your order will ship as planned on the scheduled date.

How do I update my Auto-Ship & Save shipping address?

To update your Auto-Ship & Save shipping address, please log into your account and select "Manage My Auto-Ship." Or contact customer service to make the change for you. 

*Updating your one-time purchase account's default shipping address doesn't automatically update your Auto-Ship & Save subscription shipping address. Two different platforms.

Why do some products have an Auto-Ship & Save option but aren't discounted?

Even though there's currently no Auto-Ship & Save discount associated with products other than hay, bedding, and pellets (discounted up to 15% with the auto-ship option), we believe that time = money, and auto-ship orders save time. And they give you peace of mind that your small animal won't run out of any of their favorite things. And that's priceless!

Can I make changes to my upcoming Auto-Ship & Save order?

Absolutely. Once logged in, you can start, skip, stop, change, or cancel up to midnight EST the day before your order is scheduled to process either through SMS text messaging if you opted in or through "Manage my Auto-ship." 

The frequency between orders can be any number of days, weeks, or months and are 

If you have questions on how to make changes to an order that has already been processed, please contact the Customer Success Desk.

Can I apply my Reward Points or a discount on my Auto-Ship & Save order?

Unfortunately, no. Our system is only set up to allow one discount code per order. Since Auto-Ship items are already discounted at a great rate, you’re not able to add additional discounts.

See our discount exceptions for more details.

I received a notice that my scheduled subscription credit card payment was declined. What happens now?

If you do nothing:

  • The system will automatically try and reprocess the order daily for 10 days. 
  • After 10 days of unsuccessful attempts the subscription will automatically get canceled.

If you update the credit card information:

  • IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Any order that did not process as scheduled (within 10 days of the decline) due to a credit card decline will automatically process as soon as the credit card has been updated.
  • DO NOT place a new order or you will end up with a duplicate order. If this occurs, please reach out to our support team right away.

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