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Chic starter size?Updated 3 months ago

  • It’s teeny little 1/8” pellets cut very short, a size that we have developed with our customers over many years.  Some people like to crush it a little bit for the first couple of days for tiny chicks, but it is perfect for them for most of their babyhood and it is not dusty.  Chicks like tiny bits, but they don’t like dust and dust is wasteful.

do you need to make it into a mash?

  • You certainly can, but you don’t need to.  A wet mash is a traditional way to deal with the dust since the chicks don’t like dust.  The way most mills make chick starter is to make regular larger pellets and then crush them, or just to chop up the grains, and both those techniques make dust.  These little “chick bits” are just right. But you can certainly wet it if you want to.  They like it both ways.
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