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Should rabbits eat Alfalfa?Updated 3 months ago

Pets over a year of age should only be fed alfalfa as an occasional treat... it's much too nutrient-rich (kinda like eating a diet of candy). Actually, that doesn't really sound terrible to my taste buds, but definitely not healthy. You can start transitioning them to different hay now, but you may experience some problems weaning pets off of alfalfa because, like candy, it's pretty desirable. And yummy. You may find luck mixing alfalfa with 2nd cutting Timothy, gradually getting them used to the new food. If you still have a problem with feeding/eating, we suggest our 3rd cut, Timothy. We also recommend you put them on a Timothy hay-based pellet, like ours.

Ultimately, we recommend you ask your exotic veterinarian when in doubt... they know your pet better than we do. 

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