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Small Pet Select Pine Pellets for litter boxes: why they are safer than wood stove pellets or other companies' pine pellets?Updated 6 months ago

There are health issues with almost all pine pellets out there because they still contain the phenols. Ours, however, are kiln-dried and have the phenols removed... no health issues here. We know a lot of people do use the wood stove pellets because they are cheap, but we just don't trust them. They're not kiln-dried and some of them have chemical treatments on them to help burn correctly in wood stoves. Some of them have additives to keep wood dust stuck together, too.

We don't like chemicals or additives at Small Pet Select.

Why go to such lengths? Because everything your animal chews, eats, inhales, stands on, or comes in contact with has to be totally safe. We are super careful about everything we offer. We're a little nutty about safety, and we hope it shows!

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