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What is Grass Hay?Updated 3 months ago

Grass hay is the tasty, soft hay that most small pets gobble right up and it provides just the right amount of fiber, protein, and fat. The high levels of fiber are super necessary for helping the digestive system, keeping everything moving as it should. Therefore, hay is absolutely the most important part of your friend’s diet. Without grass hay, your little guy or girl could go into GI stasis, and that’s scary… it’s a serious condition that involves a blocked digestive tract. 

There are many types of grass hay, but the most common are Timothy hay and orchard hay. As an FYI, grass hay isn’t the same as actual grass. To make our high-quality grass hay, we harvest it at the peak of freshness, when its nutritional value is the highest. We dry it and ship right to your door, so you can be sure you’re getting the best hay for your little. 

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