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WholesaleUpdated 5 months ago

Does Small Pet Select have a wholesale program?

We sure do! If you're interested in purchasing in bulk and reselling Small Pet Select products, chances are we'd love to work with you. 

Continental US 

Wholesale pricing is here to help resellers (boutique stores, independent shops) and 501(C)3 animal rescue organizations.  

Just go to, and click on "apply for an account" (in blue letters). Fill out the form, and we'll get busy reviewing the info. We'll contact you by email with your sign-in credentials or any remaining questions we have. 

International Inquiry 

Please fill out the Export Inquiry form and our Export Manager will contact you directly once he's reviewed the information.

*Please check for any restrictions or documents required by the destination country's Customs Officials, especially when ordering hay products. 

How can I apply for a wholesale account with Small Pet Select?

Applying for a wholesale account with us is easy! Just head over to to submit your application.

Do you provide a wholesale product price list?

Currently, we don't have a fixed wholesale product price list. Once your application is approved, our dedicated wholesale manager will work with you to determine pricing tailored to your needs.

Is the wholesale program available internationally?

Our wholesale program is open exclusively to businesses within the continental US. If you're interested in international shipping, we can direct your inquiry to our Export division. Please provide your business contact information, website, and social media pages for assistance.

Does Small Pet Select give discounts to rescues? 

Yes! We love supporting Rescues and the great work they do in the small animal community!

We offer discounts for rescues through our Wholesale Store. Rescue organizations can receive up to 15% off their purchases for their organization or to resell.

Get started here to submit a request for a wholesale account. 

Make sure to fill out the contact information, business address, and additional information (that's where you'll want to put your 501(c)3 number).

For details on all our programs check out: Small Pet Select Programs for Rescues

Can I resell Small Pet Select products on Amazon? 

We're glad you're interested in reselling our products! It's important to mention that in addition to our direct sales, we also offer our products on platforms like Chewy and Amazon. However, we kindly advise against reselling our products on Amazon. At Small Pet Select, we take great care in selecting our partners, and if we come across a customer listing our products on Amazon, we may choose to reconsider our business relationship with them.

If you're interested in becoming a reseller, we recommend applying for a wholesale account with us directly. Once approved, our wholesale manager will work closely with you to provide the necessary information and pricing.

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