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Why do my chickens need oyster shell if there is calcium in the feed?Updated 5 months ago

If your hens are layers, they’re gonna need a boost of calcium. Most hens will start to lay when they’re 20-21 weeks and oyster shell should be given around 18 weeks, to prepare them for the egg-laying journey.
  • Oyster shell helps make egg shells hard and hens need diets high in calcium to produce ‘em. (Who wants a soft shell egg that has no chance of making it anywhere before it cracks?) 
  • If laying hens don’t get enough calcium, their bodies will start draining it from their bones. And that’s not good for anyone. 
  • Laying hens could stop laying if they aren’t receiving enough calcium. To continue egg production, it’s super important that they receive it. I mean, don’t you want your eggs? 
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