What kinds of hay does Small Pet Select sell?

We're super excited: we now have multiple options of hay to choose from. See below for our current hay products and a brief description of them.

You can also go to the main hay page on our website: https://shop.smallpetselect.com/collections/hay

  • 1st Cutting Timothy: Is the first harvest of the summer. It contains the most seed-head and stem with little leaf. Contains a high amount of fiber.
  • 2nd Cutting Timothy: This is our most popular choice among customers. It has a good balance of stem, seed-head and leaf. Contains a mid to high amount of fiber.  
  • 3rd Cutting/Super Soft Timothy: This cutting is the softest of our Timothy Hay. It has very little stem and seed-head and is predominantly leaf. It's very popular with pets that have dental problems and pets that tend to be a bit pickier. 
  • Orchard: Very soft hay, all leaf, and is extremely popular with picky pets, pets with dental issues, and pet parents who are allergic to Timothy hay.
  • Oat: It's like the cherry on the sundae! A terrific add-in to make great hay even better and more interesting. High in fiber to keep things moving right along. This is a great alternative hay for people with allergies to Timothy hay, too.
  • Alfalfa: Alfalfa hay is rich in nutrients and is THE GO TO for young, growing animals and older animals who need a nutrition boost. It's also helpful for folks that have allergies to Timothy hay.
  • Orchard Medley: This is a terrific hay for encouraging small animals to eat more fiber, or just as a "treat" hay. Use it alone or mix it up with some Timothy. 80 - 85% Orchard + A Mix Of Alfalfa and Red Clover. Got some Timothy hay allergies? This is one of our hays that may help a lot. 
  • Gourmet: We've loaded up several kinds of hay with sweet smelling herbs and flowers to make it an absolutely irresistible treat (as well as great varied nutrition).  

Can't decide? There's also a sampler box.

If you still have questions about why kind of hay will be best for your animal, this free ebook should help you decide.

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