Does Small Pet Select ship internationally?

From our US online store, we only ship to US Territories. But we do have UK online store that may work better for you

If you live in a US Territory, please contact us to place your order... we have to manually input and email you the invoice or call for payment because we'll need to manually calculate shipping costs.

Some ordering solutions are:

1) A Google search for "Customs Broker Country Name" will bring back a bunch of companies that you can pay to ship your products to them and then they'll turn your order around and ship internationally. 
Please note: this option will be expensive and prices will vary between different providers. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend a freight forwarder.
2) sells our products (ships to Canada only).

We want to thank you for your interest in our products. We're working tirelessly looking for the best options to make international shipping more affordable for you... and your small pets!

FYI, if there is an issue with your order upon arrival, we will gladly replace products or give you a store credit, but we will not be responsible for any shipping/handling costs associated with it, including the cost of shipping from the freight forwarder to your international address.  

We will ship a replacement to your freight forwarder free of charge, as long as it is a United States address.  

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