Small Pet Habitat Hideout Castle And Tunnel Products Assembly Instructions

Small Pet Habitat Hideout Castles and Tunnel Products Assembly Instructions

Required Pieces: 


  1. Slide panel “C” into the slot on panel “B”, making sure the engraved designs are facing outward.

        Panels should slide together smoothly.  DO NOT FORCE! 




  1. Slide the panel marked “D” into the remaining slot on panel “C”. 

     Place the assembly upside down on a flat surface before inserting panel “D”. 




  1. Slide panel “A” into the remaining slots in panels “B” and “D”. 

     Place the assembly right side up on a flat surface before inserting panel “A”.



  1. Place the remaining panel on top of the assembly. 

     Congrats! You have now completed assembling your Keystone Castle. 




Want to expand on the fun?

Add a Bridge or a Ramp. Secure the hook on the bridge under the top panel. Connect to another castle or remove the hooks on the floor side to create a ramp. 



Stack Habitat Castles and add Habitat Bridges and Ramps. Start your Kingdom!

The possibilities are endless....


* Items interchangeable only with Habitat line products. Not the prior Small Pet Select Castle Series line.

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