Video Content Givaway - VLOG

Do you love producing high quality, informative, and/or entertaining video content with your rabbit, guinea pig, or chinchilla? All species welcome - age does not matter - we are inclusive and encourgage you to share your love of our products!

We're looking for content creators who LOVE their pets AND want to collaborate & work with us on our YouTube vlogs! We thought about it and decided -  who better to ask than the passionate pet owners already in the Small Pet Select community!

To help make it fun and even more worth your while to apply, we decided to create a giveaway! 

The top 10 videos sent in will receive a 5lb box of hay, herbal sampler AND a Toy Twig Mobile, and the top 5 will move on to interviews with a Small Pet Select team member.

To enter you must: 

  • Create a short video using this script.  (Just speaking, no editing is necessary, we are trying to get a feel for you as a person!) 
    • Try to pay special attention to framing, your background, lighting, and camera quality. 
    • Although we've provided a basic script,  feel free to riff off of it where you think necessary and let your passion, knowledge, and personality shine through!
    • Include your pet in the video if you can, and please introduce them to us as well!  
    • Please use this link and SUBMIT HERE 
    • If you have any questions or any troubles please contact us at
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