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Rewards Program FAQUpdated a month ago

What happens to my reward points if I return an item that I purchased with them?

Here's what you need to know about reward points and returns:

For Replacements: If you've used reward points for a purchase and decide to return the item in exchange for a replacement, the original points used will not be added back to your account. This means that the replacement item will not earn or cost any additional points.

For Store Credit: If you return an item bought with reward points and choose to receive store credit, the points used for the original purchase will not be credited back to your account.

This policy helps us keep things fair and straightforward for all members of our Small Pet Select family. We're here to ensure you and your small pets enjoy every bit of your rewards!

Can I earn reward points on a purchase made with store credit?

Absolutely! When you use store credit for your purchases, you'll continue to earn reward points on those transactions. It's our way of continuously thanking you for being a wonderful part of our community.

What happens to my reward points if I haven't used them for a while?

We understand that life can get busy and sometimes you might not have a chance to use your reward points right away. If your account shows no activity for 6 months, your accumulated reward points will expire. We consider any purchase or redemption of points as account activity, so as long as you're engaging with us, your points will stay active!

How can I keep track of my reward points and their expiration dates?

Keeping tabs on your reward points is a breeze! Simply log in to your account on our website and you'll find all the details about your points, including their expiration dates, under the 'Rewards' section. We also send out friendly reminders via email so you won’t miss out on using your hard-earned points.

Is there a way to restore expired reward points?

We understand that sometimes things slip through the cracks. While we generally can't reinstate expired points, we value our pet-loving community and want to ensure you have a great experience. If you believe there's been an oversight or special circumstances, please contact our customer support team. We're always here to help and will review each case individually.

Can I extend the validity of my points beyond 6 months?

Currently, the 6-month expiration policy is in place to encourage active participation in our rewards program. However, it's easy to keep your points active! Just make a purchase, redeem some points, or engage in any of our reward-earning activities within a 6-month period. This way, your points will remain available for you to enjoy.

How can I make the most out of my reward points?

Use them towards purchasing your furry friends' favorite treats, fresh hay, or any of our natural toys. Also, keep an eye out for special promotions and opportunities to earn extra points. Your little companions deserve the best, and your reward points are a great way to spoil them

Unused Reward Code, can you put my points back?

Redeemed codes do not expire, however points will expire after 6 months of inactivity. If you would like your code disabled and your points added back to your account, just reach out to our success team for a helping paw!

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