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Guinea Pigs

When your cavy is at least 6 months old, feed about 1/8 cup of Timothy-based guinea pig pellets per day, along with a generous amount of hay (premium, quality hay should make up 80% of your cavy's diet). Don't forget to include fresh veggies as part


We've got a great free ebook all about Elderbuns right here. Your new bun should get plenty of alfalfa for at least their first six or seven months of life. During this time, it isn't necessary to add in other types of hay, as the little ones need th


Our recommendation is 3-4 months from the time of purchase, for optimal freshness. Think about it like this; pellets are like the broccoli of a meal, and the botanicals, seeds, etc. are the desert. The hens might want the latter more but need to eat