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Store CreditUpdated 5 months ago

How do I Find My Store Credit Widget?

First log into your account

If you have an available balance, the store credit widget will display on any website page on the far right of the window.

Where Can I Find My Store Credit Balance?

When you click on the store credit widget, a pop up will show your available balance and transaction history.

Do I Have to Use the Entire Store Credit at One Time?

No, you can apply as much or as little as you like!


Is there a Minimum Purchase Requirement?

Good news! No minimum purchase required!

Exceptions to Note:

Store credits can't be used for orders that have an Auto-Ship subscription product  

Discount/Credit Code Limitation:

While fantastic, our system can only handle one discount or credit code per order. Please note that additional discounts can't be combined with existing codes.

Store Credit Expiration?

Just a gentle reminder that store credits expire after six months. 

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