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What is Grass Hay?

Grass hay is the tasty, soft hay that most small pets gobble right up and it provides just the right amount of fiber, protein, and fat. High levels of fiber are super necessary to help the digestive system keep everything moving as it should. Therefo

Benefits Of Hay For Guinea Pigs

Feeding your guinea pigs hay has numerous advantages. Perhaps most importantly it helps them regulate digestion, ensuring that their food is processed properly. Without it, your cavies can develop stomach problems such as diarrhea. Hay is quite abras

Why does my pet need to eat hay?

Veterinarians recommend that grass hay make up 70-80% of a small animal's diet (in this case, we are talking about rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas). Providing quality grass hay is extremely important for two primary reasons:. 1) Your pet requir

What Varieties of Sun-Dried Hay Does Small Pet Select Sell?

We're super excited: we now have multiple varieties of sun-dried hay to choose from. See below for our current hay products and a brief description of them. You can also go to the main Hay Collection page on our website:. Can't decide? There's also a

Timothy Hay Guaranteed Analysis

1st Cutting Timothy. 2nd Cutting Timothy. 3rd Cutting Timothy.