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Delivery & TrackingUpdated 3 months ago

How fast will my order arrive?

Most orders arrive in 1.7 business days; however, transit times are general guidelines. There may be some exceptions due to weather, customer location, Holidays, global current events, etc. 

Here's our full shipping policy for more information.

How do I track my order?

Once your order is processed you will receive an email purchase confirmation. When your order ships, we will email you a tracking number. You can click on that tracking number and it will take you to the UPS or USPS tracking website. 

Or you can log into your account and you should be able to see your order status.

Unfulfilled means that your order has been processed and payment has been received, but the warehouse has not printed, packed or shipped your order as of yet.

Fulfilled means the warehouse has packed and shipped your order. The UPS or USPS tracking number has been assigned to your package.

Why does my tracking information say, "label created"?

UPS and USPS will provide a notification via email indicating that a tracking number has been assigned to your order and a package label has been created by us, the shipper.  

A notification email will be sent once the warehouse has printed your order for fulfillment.  You won't see any tracking updates until the package has been picked up by the delivery carrier and has been scanned into their system. 

While our warehouses are technically closed on the weekends, some of our elves have been known to work a little overtime filling your orders, which explains any notifications you receive on a weekend. This is especially true around the holidays.

My tracking shows "delivered" but I haven't received my shipment.

Please contact our amazing Customer Service support desk so we can get started on a quick resolution for you and your cutie.

Why does UPS or USPS show my tracking number as "not found?"

Until your package has been picked up and scanned by the carrier, you're not going to see any movement associated with your tracking number. Once scanned, within 24 hours you should see updates to your tracking. 

Undelivered package due to wrong address?

We do not accept responsibility for undelivered packages in the following circumstances:

  • If the package fails to arrive due to an incorrect or incomplete address provided by the customer. It is essential to verify and ensure the accuracy of your shipping address before finalizing your order.
  • If you discover an error in your shipping address and wish to make changes, please contact us promptly. We can assist you in updating your shipping details as long as the order has not been dispatched.

Please refer to our shipping policy for more information

I haven't received my order and the tracking hasn't updated. 
Contact our customer success team so we can look into the reason for the delay and reach out  to the delivery carrier if needed.

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